Package folder

tar packages the code to be deployed to a tar archive.

dopcat tar


Matching yaml config written below options

--folder[=FOLDER]         Folder
--temp-path[=TEMP-PATH]   Temp (./ for current dir) [default: "/tmp"]
--app-name[=APP-NAME]     App name
--build-id[=BUILD-ID]     Id [default: "_"]
--separator[=SEPARATOR]   Name separator [default: "_"]

In most cases you only need to use the --folder option, telling dropcat which folder thart conatins the code.

App name is used if you want to tar archive to use a different name then the one defined in your dropcat.ENV.yml file.

Yaml config

app_name: foo
    app_path: /path/to/my/code/to/deploy
    build_id: 34
    tmp_path: /tmp/mycustom/path
    separator: -

['local']['environment']['build_id'] uses the environment variables BUILD_NUMBER and BUILD_DATE if they are set (they are, if you are using Jenkins).

['local']['environment']['separator'] uses _ as a seperator if it is not set.